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Latest Body Cream Tips

Finding the latest body cream tips for women is what we like doing at It's our mission to find the latest body creams and report on what we find!

Latest Body Cream Tip#1
Lots of women are starting to use plant-derived compound body creams. Be careful as they can produce a estrogen-like effects in the body. Many women use our Phytoestrogen Body Cream to help if their estrogen level is low, as it is in menopause. Others find it to be helpful if their estrogen levels are high, as is the case for "estrogen-dominant" women. Other women find phytoestrogen body cream with Pro-Gest to help reduce hot flashes and sweating.

Latest Body Cream Tip#2
Whilst lots of body cream manufacturers are using scent-matched products, suggest before you buy you make sure that these body creams don't have a filmy residue that can leave your body feeling "icky"!

Latest Body Cream Tip#3
Avoid diet pills that are often included into body cream. Yes, that's right. They put that in. Can you believe it? We can't!

We Vote Best Body Cream is Clarins.
Clarins has a history of body cream excellence. Their body creams include Bamboo Extract (helps with firming the skin and draining fluid build-up), Sveltonyl (tones and refines the contours of the body), Caffeine Garcinol (refines skin and contours silhouette), and Keratolin (smoothes out skin and evens skin tone).


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