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Face Cream Tips and Hints

Face cream is perhaps the most important cream of all. Why? It's face cream that all the manufacturers want to be #1 in! hopes to give you some insights and tips into what to look for when purchasing a face cream.

Face Cream Tip #1: Hyaluronic Acid in Face Creams
Many people today are looking for hyaluronic acid in their face cream as they believe it is a fantastic ingredient. Be sure to check that face creams which use hyaluronic acid are not too rich for your face!

Face Cream Tip #2: Facial Creams with Moisturisers for Cancer
Be sure to use facial moisturiser with SPF 30+ if you have fair skin or fear you have any threat of skin cancer on your face.

Face Cream Tip #3: Aloe Vera Gel based Face Creams
Aloe vera gel face creams is popular, particularly amongst makeup artists because the aloe vera gel moisturises inflamed, reddened or sunburned skin.

Face Cream Tip #4: Glycolic Acid and Hydroxy Acid Face Creams
Alpha and beta hydroxy acid face creams are becoming very popular as alternatives to Vitamin-A derivatives such as Retin-A, which many people find too drying. Glycolic Acid and Hydroxy Acid Face Creams are better than moisturisers and also have anti-aging benefits. One of the most popular face creams are those which contain glycolic acid for dry skin or a a salicylic acid for oily skin.

Face Cream Tip #5: Avoid glowing face cream
Many face creams advertise they'll provide a glowing finish which is not good for you. The antioxidants in some face creams cause the smooth effect which can make your skin shine but can often be disguised as an anti-aging benefit.


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