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Hand Cream Reviews & Tips

Hand creams are designed to soften, moisturize and protect cracked hands as well as chapped hands, feet and elbows. Before you purchase a hand cream, it's important to know some of the issues that hand cream users often speak about when reviewing hand creams. We hope these hand cream tips help!

Hand Cream Tip #1
Hand creams are too rich and slippery so when you apply the hand cream after washing your hands, the cream feels greasy!

Hand Cream Tip #2
The hand cream bottle needs to be convenient to use when travelling. It should be robust and its lid should remain firm.

Hand Cream Tip #3
Hand cream residue and smell. Yes, some hand creams smell bad after you use them as the smell doesn't gel with your skin. Be sure not to choose a hand cream that has to rich or sweet fragrance.

Hand Cream Tip #4
Hand creams can stain your clothes so be sure that you check that before buying a hand cream. Be sure the hand cream won't stain your handbag or discolour your other personal items in your handbag.

Hand Cream Tip #5
Does your hand cream pass "the hand shake test". Do people look at their hand once you shake it?


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